16" x 24" 3 Mil Vacuum Sealer Bags (500/Case)

16" x 24" 3 Mil Vacuum Sealer Bags (500/Case)

16x24 .003 Clear Vacuum Pouch Bag

Our 16" x 24" 3 Mil vacuum sealer bags provide excellent barrier protection and lock out moisture. These 16x24 3mil vacuum sealing bags are made from nylon with EVA as an additive, which draws the package tight around the product. These recyclable 16" x 24" .003 vacuum seal bags are great for dehydrated vegetables, for packaging meat and cheese, for storing clothes and many other purposes. These vacuum pouches 16 inch by 24 inch bags are sealed by various types of heat sealers that specialize in various applications, and they meet FDA requirements for use in food packaging and storage applications. All vacuum pouches are certified Kosher K-ID: KTR-TMFR

Note: professional Grade Vacuum Sealer Bags are only intended for commercial strength sealers and not "over the counter" sealers, that are found in sporting good stores, on TV or any other non commercial grade outlet.
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    3 Mil 16" x 24" Vacuum Pouch Bag Specifications:
    Type: Poly Nylon Vacuum Pouch Bags
    Film: Nylon EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)
    Color: Transparent
    Width: 16 inches
    Height: 24 inches
    Thickness: 3 mil
    Gauge: .003
    Weight: 41 lbs.
    OTR (cc/m2): 95
    Recyclable: Yes
Customer review

Takes Getting Used to….by David Graham


Got the unit right away, and pleased to see a roll of bags in the package as well as some sandwich-sized singles already sealed on one end. I fired it right up after reading the instructions (which I didn't quite understand as I found out later). I snipped some of the big roll off and attempted to make a closed seal on one end of the tube-like bag. I thought the instructions said (and they did verbatem) to open the locks after 10 seconds. I counted to 10 seconds and popped the latches to find it hadn't sealed in the center. Tried again and held the center down hard for 10 seconds - same result. I misunderstood what they were trying to say was to wait 10 seconds after the heating lamp went out, NOT 10 seconds after the vacuum stops. It really seems so simple now, but I am a stickler for following directions precisely as written. I went through this long explanation because if I hadn't found out how it was supposed to work BY ACCIDENT (my Wife distracted me and I left the last bag in longer - bless 'er) I would have assumed the unit was faulty. You never know - I may be the only one that got it wrong, but I'll wager this helps someone else like me. OH, the unit has worked flawlessly since I figured out how it is supposed to work. I will buy another one just like this one for presents - or a replacement for this one whenever (fingers crossed) this ones gives out. One other thing they don't mention in the instructions is to leave it unlatched in storage - I just believe the little foam seals around the vacuum chamber need to be as flexible as possible and decided to store it this way to prevent the seal from taking a "set". By the way - I bagged some cookies I bought in bulk...well bon appetit for the cookie dust. Funny how destructive 15psi @ sea-level can be. If you are vacuuming something frangible probably best to put in something to keep the bag from going flat on it. They said not to but I tried some hamburger and yeah, best to make patties or meatballs and freze 'em first - It's a drudge getting the juices out of the vacuum slot. I thing it will pay for itself many times over and am happy I bought it.

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